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Łódź bananowa jest bezładną, nadmuchaną łodzią rekreacyjną przeznaczoną do holowania.

Stosuje się nadmuchaną łódź bananowąModa na plażach sportowych. Jest wykonana z brezentu plandeki 0,9 mm Struktura jest hermetyczna z dużą ilością uchwytów, które można przeciągnąć za niąJacht ma ekscytujące uczucie sportu. Nasze łodzie bananowe są bardzoSilny i wytrzymały długie i długie pociąganie za motorową łodzią. Nadmuchiwana łódź bananowa może być stosowana w jeziorze lub morzu.

Rozmiar i typ można dowolnie ustawićPo naszej dyskusji. I mamy ścisłą kontrolę jakości w celu zapewnienia każdego Produkt najwyższej jakości. Wszystkie przedmioty są sprzedawane po cenach fabrycznych. W skrócie, ścisła kontrola jakości + 3 lata gwarancji + konkurencyjnaCena fabryki + doskonała obsługa = wow!

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Pojedyncza rurka nadmuchiwane łodzi bananowej.

Podwójne rurki nadmuchiwane łodzi bananowej.

Inflatable Banana boats used high strengh pvc fabric or hypalon for the tubes, air tight, resistance to friction, tear, oxidation, with hand grip, safety.stability, comfortable and secure for sea leisure. If you want to have fun in water, but worry there is no technique and secure, it' s advised to choose inflatable banana boat. Asia inflatable banana boat is not only toys, they are heavy-duty, all manmade crafted. take up as much space as medium size bag when deflated,convenient to carry and store,quick inflate by using a foot pump,a boat can take you or your whole family for a day of fun at exhilarating speed. All you have are good memories.

Our Advantages / Why us

1. Commercial grade and durable 0.9mmdurable PVC tarpaulin fabric for bottoms. can endure high speed towing by the motor boat, widely used in the lake front or seaside.

2. High temperature seal machine produce stable welding temperature to make the seams more durable. The inflatable banana boats will not be over-welded or less-welded because we use imported miller welding machine to keep a stable welding temperature.

3. Reinforced strips at the welding seams make the products has better air tightness and more durable.

4. Digital printing of customized logo and pictures, make you' re special for your customers.
5. Factory Direct Price


Safety Rules

a. Fully inflate the boat before putting it into the water

b. Boat hold persons ( 3- 12 according to sizes)

c. Hold the handle and check everything is in well condition

d. People with heart disease or disabled people are not allowed to participate in this game

e. Children under 6 and the old above 60 are not allowed to play.

f.  Workers watching all the time for accident


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can inflatable banana boat be used?

A: Backyards, water parks, rooftops, car tops, animal zoo, backyards, beaches or intercity terminals, water lake, etc.

Q2. How can we install the inflatable products?

A: Take out the inflatable, use the electronic pump equipped to inflate it. Then you it can be used in water.

Q3. Can the shape, size, color or printing changed if I don't like the styles?

A: Yes, I just list some sample, we can produce by customized.

Q4. how about the shipping?

A: Let me know the order plan (items, quantity and delivery address, then I can check the shipping cost for you by air, by sea or by Express. )

You can also appoint your freight forwarding if you have, I will keep in touch to arrange the shipping.